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From: Mia McKenzie the author of “What Men Want, Like & Desire In A Woman”

Ref: Behind the scenes with men – Men speak out on dating, men, love and relationships! The shocking responses on what attracts men to women, types of women that attract a man both physically and emotionally, and the inside scoop on why men pull away, why men LOSE INTEREST, and how to GET HIM and KEEP HIM interested.

Dear Friend,

dating men,dating advice for women,keep him interestedHave you ever seen the movie “What Women Want”?

You know… The movie where Mel Gibson (Nick Marshall), is given the gift of being able to read the minds of women.

While we all realize no such power exists…

Wouldn’t be amazing if you could finally understand what goes through the minds of men? Or, how amazing it would be to finally know simple ways in how you could actually transform your love life, your dating experiences with men, and improve your relationships with men, and merely by knowing how men actually think?

In fact, just saying this, like many women. Have you ever felt as if relationships with men, trying to understand men, and trying to capture the heart of a man, always seemed like a game of ‘Clue’?

As in.. Never knowing what a man was really thinking, and never knowing if you were making the right move, or worse… the WRONG move.. Often felt like a game of ‘Clue’?

After all, I probably don’t have to convince you that when it pertains to love, dating, and relationships.. Men and women have extremely different ways of thinking, and the last thing you want is to make the wrong move, and turn him off?

dating how to keep him interested,dating men,relationshipsAs example, have you ever met a guy that you were attracted to, you had a lot of the same interests, went to dinner and had a great time together; all in all the relationship seemed promising. So what gives? Why haven’t you heard from him? It’s like poof, he vanished.

So you think to yourself… “Should I call, and why hasn’t he called?”

Do you call him? If you do call him, will it turn him off? Will he be less attracted to you, perhaps thinking you are too pushy, too needy or desperate?

Perhaps this sounds familiar… Maybe you’ve been in a relationship, and dating a man for a couple of weeks, maybe even months. You spend all your time together, he calls routinely, he comes over, you go out, and all seems perfect! He reminds you with his little affirmations how much he’s into you, and since you’ve met.. you’ve been inseparable.

But now what? He’s different. It’s Thursday, tomorrow’s Friday.. And though he’s mentioned his plans for the weekend, the words (you and him) or (do you want to go), never rolled off his lips.. Maybe it’s Thursday, and normally you would hear from him, but he hasn’t called.. So you call him, and he’s acting weird. Now what?

In addition, perhaps you have also experienced the dating and relationship cycles of being in love with a man – who one day just suddenly changed.. A man that chased you, pursued you, romanced you, and was so into you.. Just one day suddenly changed.. If so, and this has happened to you..

Maybe you found yourself thinking one of the following..

“What gives.. I don’t get him?”, “How could he pull away, and when everything was so perfect?”, “Why do men pull away anyway.. And just when you are finally letting go?”

“Is he into me, or is he not into me”? “Am I being played, and was it always just about the sex”?

“What is he thinking, and why do men go silent”? “Maybe he is right.. Maybe I think too much”!

“Is it me? Is there something wrong with me?”


Yes, if you too have EVER found yourself perplexed by some type of dating how to, or blown away by a man’s awkward, and sudden lack of interest.. Trust me.. You are not alone!

So much so.. Throughout all the interviews I conducted with women.. Out of all the questions that were presented by women, or the statements that were made about men, dating and relationships with men..

The punchline remained the same.. All centered around a man’s confusing, and sudden change in behavior!

As an example, here are a few of the most common questions or statements women asked..

  • How can a man which initially was so attracted to you in the beginning of a relationship – lose interest, pull back and withdraw, after spending so much time and effort to win you over?
  • Why would a man chase and pursue a woman, say all the right things, and the instant she begins to fall in love, the moment he realizes she is now falling in love with him, does he then begin to distance himself?
  • How can a man be so attracted to you one minute, and without warning, just lose it all?
  • “Why do men initially show a deep level of interest and somewhere along the way change their course?
  • Why do men get bored so easily and lose interest? What is wrong with me? I don’t know what I do to turn men off! Maybe I am too demanding, or not demanding enough.”

Yes, no doubt about it..

Dating, men, and relationships with men, can often feel like a never-ending game of clue! Not only so, considering men are often the one’s who chase us, men are typically the one’s that pursue us.. The real issue remains to be seen..

Yes, The Real Issue For Most Women And The Single Biggest Challenge We Face When Dating Men Remains To Be Seen.. How Do You Get A Man Interested, Inspire Him To Fall In Love And Keep Him Interested Long-Term!

Not only so.. Perhaps like many women, maybe one of the following dating and relationship experiences has happened to you?

what man loves in woman,make man fall in love

Have you ever met a man that you were insanely attracted to. I’m talking, FIREWORKS! The chemistry, the sex, the passion, and the deep connection was so AMAZING! Not only was it…

The attraction was so intense, it wasn’t like anything you had ever felt! You spent all your time together (which never seemed to be enough), and for the first time in a very long time, you knew LOVE did exist!

Not only were you convinced he was the one, everything about him just did it for you.. The relationship, the love making, the soul mate theory all applied… You were convinced he could be the one, and deep down you could tell he felt the same way!

But to your amazement, and when you least expected it.. Something happened…

Yes.. Slowly and gradually, the man you grew to love, and the man you grew to adore, began to CHANGE.. As in, NO warning signs.. NO red flags.. NO major issues.. He just changed!!

Going from being so interested, so attentive, so caring and loving, to being so… Just the opposite…

Another example….

man fall in love,guy in love,woman,boyfriend,ex boyfriendMaybe you were not dating a man, but you met a guy you were intensely ‘attracted’ too, and things just happened.. Meaning before you knew it, you were sleeping with HIM? Knowing this is NOT something you typically do; however, the attraction, the ‘passion’ and the intense chemistry felt so RIGHT!

Besides.. He is the one who approached YOU!

If so, after the intense love making was over, did you get this ‘sinking’ gut feeling you had made a mistake? And guess what, the one thing you KNEW could actually happen, HAPPENED.. Yes, as quickly as your prince mysteriously appeared, he disappeared?

Now let me ask you a real serious question, and be honest.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a man, or found yourself dating a man where everything seemed to be about sex?

Knowing this, and knowing how bad it really hurts – your feelings for him, the intense longing of wanting to be with HIM, and hoping this intimacy would somehow re-spark all the feelings he once had.. Somehow you just couldn’t resist..

PROBLEM is, he never gives you what you want.. You are always the one who gives more to the relationship, always in limbo, and always wishing things were different?

Honestly, have you ever had this happen?

And another dating and relationship example…

man fall in love with woman,guy,loves,in love,man,love

Perhaps you’ve been dating a man for a long time… I’m talking about six months, twelve months, or even longer… and it was getting to the point where you needed to have “the talk”. You know the ONE I am talking about…

The ONE ‘talk’ where he reassures YOU that the relationship is HEADED towards the C-Word.. Yes, as in COMMITMENT.. The ONE ‘talk’ you’ve delayed having out of fear, but your mind will NOT rest until you have it..

So, you get the confidence and guess what… like a ‘deer in headlights’, his eyes just glazed over…. Or even worse.. afterwards he began to CHANGE… Yes…. as in hitting the BREAKS on a fast moving car.

And finally…

men love in woman,man fall in love againPerhaps you have always been extremely independent, and completely fine with being alone.. Maybe like many women who have learned the hard way, you too have learned to protect yourself from being hurt by men..

It wasn’t that you ran from love, but more of.. You didn’t walk throughout life looking for it.. If it happened great, and if not, that was fine too.

You were strong, driven, and ambitious, and nothing or no one would stand in the way of that.. But much like many women have faced, maybe when you did find love.. When you actually did meet a man and fall in love, you were clueless.

When I use the word clueless, what I mean is.. Maybe you also found yourself wanting to be able to finally open up, to be able to embrace falling in love, to be able to give your heart to a man, and without the dreadful games men often play..

But in the end, it still felt like work.. Always over thinking.. Always wondering what the man was thinking, or not thinking, and always trying desperately to figure the man out!

Yes no doubt about it…

Dating, Men And Relationships With Men Can Often Feel Like A Game Clue.. Never Knowing What To Do To Get A Man Interested And How To Keep Him Interested Long-Term!

men love woman,men love womenMen… Need they no introduction, do they? We know them all too well. Or do we? In fact, just saying this… Just when you think you’ve finally mastered the art of understanding men, in a blink of an eye..

You will quickly be reminded, how much we women REALLY don’t understand men!

So much so, while we just went through several scenarios that we women have experienced at some point when falling in love with a man.. Or, maybe a better way to put it.. Is that if they haven’t already experienced the confusing behavior of being in love with a man, dating a man, and trying to KEEP HIM interested, they probably will at some point..

Regardless, that list of dating and relationship experiences with men, the never-ending saga of trying to understand men, could go on forever!

In fact, I must openly admit..

GOD only knows, dating, men, and relationships with men, and the entire saga of trying to KEEP HIM interested, can often feel like a whirlwind of games! After all, men will tease you with their clever acts of charm! They will tease you with their initial attention of daily texts and, heated romantic moments of lust and sex.. And, in the blink of an eye, completely stop calling, disappear or totally disappoint you.

men love woman,man love in a woman,fall in loveNot only will they.. If you ever fallen in love with a man, or found yourself dating a man, who initially seemed head over heels interested, only to discover as the relationship progressed, that he lost his desire to be with you..

That somewhere along the way, the man you fell in love with, a man that use to be so attracted to you, a man that chased and pursued you, lost interest.. You probably sat back thinking.. “What gives? Where did I go wrong? What did I do?”

Perhaps he gave you reasons that seemed small. Perhaps he said nothing, and left you hanging, and wondering what went wrong. Regardless, of the reason, when a man loses interest, that is hard to choke! Yes, for a woman, losing a man’s LOVE, losing a man’s interest is something that ‘haunts’ us. It ‘eats’ at us. It gets to us!

And trust me.. The vast majority of women have been there!

Dating and Relationships – “I used to ‘think’ those people who sat alone at Starbucks writing on their laptops were pretentious posers. Now I know: they are people who have recently moved in with someone.” ~ Sex & the City

Dating Men – The Inside Secrets To Dating, Men And Relationships With Men! A Woman’s Guide On How To Get A Man Attracted To You And Keep Him Interested Long-term!

Mental note.. This dating HOW TO advice, and the feedback, is written and based upon the interviews of lot’s of men! Not one man.. In addition, there were countless women also interviewed, and the questions, stories, and dating dilemma’s we women often face with men, were based upon the thoughts, and minds of many women! Not one woman!

dating men,dating,how to keep him interestedHi,

I am Mia Dawn McKenzie, the Author of “What Men Want, Like & Desire In A Woman.”

Without a doubt, this experience, writing this material, and the people I have met along the way, is something I will never forget. Your dating and relationship stories are PRICELESS!

First and foremost, don’t let the book cover, the title, nor the woman on the front of this book mislead you.. The content, the message, and the advice you’ll receive is by far from what you would ever expect!

In fact, after conducting countless interviews with men, what I discovered is this.. Men are attracted to beautiful women.. Shocker right?

In reality, while men do look at pretty packages, the truth is.. What men view as being beautiful, is often not what we women think! So in essence, while you may think you have to look great to attract a man, while you may believe you must have a great body, and sport a size 2 (and of course, couple that up with a bust size of triple f), and she’s the picture perfect dream girl who (catches the guy and keeps him interested), you are wrong! So again, don’t let that cover fool you!

If anything about that cover you should take seriously.. It’s that turning a guy on is one thing, but keeping a man interested is totally a BITCH! (For the record, the word BITCH is used within this book, and lightly used at that, to symbolize what is considered as a strong woman)!

So you might be ‘thinking’ – who is Mia anyway? It’s okay, I would too..

Unlike most dating and relationship gurus “proclaim”, why don’t I just cut to the chase and tell you who I am not….

I am not a psychotherapist, I am not a relationship doctor, nor do I hold a degree as a mental health practitioner. In fact at best, I would consider myself your equal. Someone that has been there, done that and got that T-Shirt. Someone that WANTED answers..

Not just crap — but real honest and open feedback from MEN and women!

As I began to witness just how MANY women were in fact struggling, and after realizing more than 100 million people in America are single… I knew it was time ‘we’ got to the bottom of things! Not only that…

With so many advice websites and relationship publications giving out dating advice about men, it’s often difficult for a woman to know exactly what a man really thinks. Never really knowing what information is right or wrong..

dating how to keep him interested,get a man attracted,dating menWe often get misleading information that essentially causes us to make CRITICAL MISTAKES with men! Yes, mistakes!

Obviously, women want to know what men say and ‘think’; what turns a man on, what attracts men and what will KEEP HIM interested long-term.. We want to know what a man finds appealing, what men find desirable, and what turns men off in relationships.

Am I right? For most of us, the answer is yes!

Not only so, and aside from all the misleads on what attracts men, aside from all the confusing behavior we often experience in relationships with men.. One of the scariest thoughts we women often face when dating men, is to open our hearts, and be hurt in the process.. Seriously, I can honestly not tell you how many times the words ‘getting played, players, games, etc;’ were used when interviewing women..

So in essence, while my proclaim to fame is not one of misleading you into believing I’ve discovered the magical formula to mastering the art with men, I will tell you that the dating advice I provide to women, the content that was written with the help of both men and women, does serve as a benchmark in improving your relationships with men.

In addition, I think we have all at some point in time, wanted to know how to handle a situation.. We have all wanted to know what goes through a man’s mind, and how we can actually ‘think and handle’ a dating and relationship dilemma, and do it in a way that does not kill the attraction and the chemistry a man feels..

In fact, probably for the very reason most of the women I interviewed, often felt as if relationships with men were nothing than a game of ‘Clue’..

Always wondering what he is thinking, or not thinking.. Always trying to figure a man out. Always wondering if they were making the right or WRONG move.. Often felt like a never-ending roller-coaster of seeking and searching for clues!

Seriously.. Have you never found yourself saying, “Should I call?”, “Why hasn’t he called?” or.. “What’s wrong, are you okay?”

Yes, most of us have all wanted to know why a man would stop calling, or when it’s okay to call a man. We have all wanted to know why men back off, and how to bring back the attraction when they do.. We have all wanted to know why a man suddenly lost interest, and how to AVOID that from happening..

We have all wanted to know what attracts a man, and how to maintain that attraction long-term.. We have all wanted to know how to act around men, how to relate to our man, how to communicate with a man, and all the countless other things that often goes through our minds!

men love in woman,man in love,fall in love againIn fact, why does a man lose interest, and why do men pull away? Is there something we women don’t know that pushes men away, or kills the attraction a man feels?

If so… If there are things that drive men away, how do you bring back the attraction once it’s gone?

Is there something men need in a relationship? Is there something that men look for in a woman, something that creates an intense emotional connection, that tells a man – She’s The One?

In fact, I have friends from all walks of life. I have friends from different races. We have different cultural differences, but we basically ‘think’ the same way. We all have the same basic questions, we all have experienced some type of dating and relationship dilemma, and we have all, at some point, found ourselves perplexed by a man’s behavior.

Yes, we have all sat back scratching our heads wondering, “WTH! What gives, and where did I go wrong”!

Truth is.. based on my own personal mishaps in relationships, based upon the mistakes and feedback of countless women.. This is truly the reasoning behind writing a HOW TO Dating Men Guide… Yes, to possibly help other women avoid the many mistakes most of us have learned the hard way..

For the record…

dating how to keep him interested,dating men adviceThe women I interviewed were HARDLY a bunch of desperate ‘needy’ women who were hard-pressed to land a man.

Of these women, some were corporate executives, some were housewives (by choice), some were wise divorcees, and others were college students, relationship counselors, human resource executives, models, secretaries or even my own friends!

In truth, it did not matter how successful they were, how beautiful, or how rich they were, they were all struggling with trying to understand MEN!

They too were all confused as to how they went from being so independent, so strong, so driven and so accustomed to being alone, to like ‘overnight’ being… Just the opposite!

So with that said, and considering there is no such super-power of reading the mind’s of men..

If I can help women improve their journey throughout the process of dating men.. If I can somehow provide women with feedback and ideas on how to improve thier relationships with men, and help women avoid the mistakes many of us have made.. Then I have done something useful in writing this eBook..

In fact, let’s talk about what I discovered throughout this process, and why we often struggle in areas of keeping a man interested.

Dating Men, Relationships With Men And The Dynamics Of Men – Why Getting A Man Interested, Getting A Man Attracted Is Much Easier Than Keeping HIM Interested..

dating men,how to keep him interested,keep a man interested

The main PROBLEM we women face, and the very thing that often get’s in our way, is that men don’t come with an “instruction manual”. Simply put… Most women just do not get men!

Sure, we step up to the plate and we give it our best shot, but in the end, most of us still have a very hard time understanding men. In fact, for this very reason we often make many mistakes, and we often make the entire dating and relationship process much harder than it has to be!

Not only so.. When most women need advice, or we need some type of guidance on how to handle a particular relationship dilemma.. Who do we confide in?

Yes, our friends who are women, and probably as equally clueless! Trust me, I have also been there, so under no pretense am I throwing stones..

The fact remains, that while it would be nice if every man came with an “instruction manual”, the reality is.. They do not!

As I stated previously, men and women with our similarities, have always been ‘wired differently’.. When I say differences, I mean BIG, differences! Differences in how we view sex, differences in how we communicate, and extremely different views on the progression of a casual dating relationship verses a long-term committed relationship.

In fact, not to any surprise, research shows that a woman falls in-love five-times faster than the average man does. Not because we happen to be easy prey, as this is hardly the case! On the contrary, women have learned through experiences of being hurt and investing themselves in a relationship, to somehow give our best in avoiding such pitfalls.

However, the truth remains that once a man captures the heart of a woman, she loves deeply! She gives her man, and she gives the relationship 100%. While this may be true, it’s probably the very reason we are often caught off guard when a man chases us, pursues us, and romances us.. Only to be blown away when he pulls back..

“I’m a hopeless romantic. It’s disgusting. It really is. I’ve seen ‘While You Were Sleeping’, like, twenty times, and I still believe in the whole Prince Charming thing.” ~ Jennifer Love Hewitt

Dating Men And Relationships With Men – How To Keep Him Interested And How To Avoid The Common Mistakes That Cause A Man To Lose Attraction Or Push Men Away..

Through my research and my own personal experiences, I’ve found that these 3 mistakes are responsible for more failed dates and relationships with men than any other factors. Here they are:

Dating, Men & Relationship Mistake #1: Leading A Man To Think You Are “Needy” And “Insecure”

Would you believe that out of all the interviews I conducted with men, the single biggest turn on what a confident woman? Alternatively, do you realize the single biggest turn off was a “Insecure Woman”?

In fact, many of the very characteristics men were attracted by in the beginning of a relationship, and when meeting a woman was a woman’s independence, a woman’s drive, and the very fact she gave them a challenge.

dating men,how to keep him interested,keep him interestedJust knowing this.. What I discovered is that without realizing it.. Women who start of the relationship being extremely independent, somehow lose that independence as she begins to fall in love with a man.. While it’s extremely easy to do when you think about the dynamics of women.. But in reality, we must remind ourselves that men, and the dynamics of men are extremely different!

While women are lovers, and we love to take care of our man. We love to spend time with the man in our lives – all too often, and without even realizing it, when falling in love, the very things that your man was stimulated by in the beginning.

The very things your man loves, and the very things men require to keep a man interested.. We somehow lose sight of.

While this is all Female 101, when it really comes down to keeping a man interested, we simply have to back up and regroup! We have to remind ourselves that MEN are extremely different creatures, and to KEEP HIM interested, to KEEP A MAN stimulated, you will need to remind yourself that men require very specific things to KEEP them from growing bored!

Sadly, even confident women often “accidentally” give off one of these signs of being too clingy, needy or insecure..

As you read through these signals men pick up on as “needy” and unattractive, ask yourself if YOU have ever been guilty of committing one of these deadly mistakes:

  • Starting off the relationship being content with the fact you are single, and showing signs of being independent, only to change midstream. This could be as simple as wanting to spend all your time with a man, ditching all your friends, or revolving all your daily routines around a man.
  • Perhaps in the beginning you waited for his signs of being interested. Signs such as him calling you first, him being the one to initiate plans, him being the one that chases you, only to slowly reverse these critical and important dynamics, and now you are the one chasing and pursuing him? Meaning in his mind, your world revolves around being with him and spending time with him?
  • Maybe as time passed, as you began to let your guard down, and as you began to fall madly in love with him.. Without realizing it.. You began to show signs of too much contact. Meaning too much physical contact, and especially in public?

Ladies, you must avoid losing yourself in the relationship!

Seriously, while I fully understand why we women want to be with our man. Based on the interviews with men, the words clingy and needy were mentioned so many times! (Please make a mental note – needy in the minds of most men, also mean clingy! There is a HUGE difference)..

As an example, I asked men many questions, and one of which centered around women who gave them a challenge, and how they define the term clingy… Take a look.

Question: “What do you consider clingy or ‘needy’?”

Response: “Clingy is when the woman wants to be with the man all of the time and never gives him his free space or time to do other things or spend time with other friends. My last girlfriend was clingy. Probably because as soon as we met she ditched all her friends and never had anything else to occupy her time. When we did spend time together, as soon as we departed ways she would call. Or she would get home and call. Like I had had the adventure of a lifetime in those 30 minutes it took her to leave my house to go to her house. It got so old and drove me crazy. To the point where I had to move.”

Response: “I define clingy / needy as someone who jumps way ‘ahead’ of the game. As in constantly thinking the relationship is moving faster than it really is. Let me rephrase… Women have a tendency to push the relationship faster than it needs to go! I dated a woman and by the second month, she was talking about the future. I kept thinking future… What makes you believe we have a future?

Listen, because most women learn the hard way.. When a woman puts off a vibe of that she is completely fine, with or without her man in the beginning, and suddenly that vibe changes as she falls in love, her man is extremely confused. Perhaps he even feels a little misled!

dating how to keep a man interested,how to dating menNot only so, what I have discovered about men, the more a man has to work for a woman’s love.

The more a man has to step up his pace in trying to win the love of a woman, and the more a man has to constantly wonder if she has been conquered by his acts of love.. The more he continues to try!

In my eBook, I will show you ways on how to maintain that independence with men, and still help you get what you want in the process!

I will show you certain times you need to ‘give your man a little time with the boys’, and why it’s so important that you realize SPACE =’s CHEMISTRY!

Not tons of space, just a little unpredictable time for yourself! I will also show you when calling, texting, and too many email, is just the same as being too predictable.. You need to keep the chemistry flowing…

Dating, Men & Relationship Mistake #2: Taking On The Role Of Chasing A Man

Why do you ‘think’ the majority of most competitive sports are primarily driven by men? The NFL, Wrestling, Golf (not discounting the LPGA), the NBA, Racing, etc?

It’s because men are competitive, men love stimulation, men love a challenge and men often get bored!

All too often a woman, in her pursuit to keep a man interested, is so overpowering in the amount of attention she showers, how quick she falls, how she immediately changes and conforms, how she loses sight of the word independence and how she places her man in the position of holding the crown to her ever-lasting happiness eventually backfires!

All of which could have a negative impact on the outcome of the relationship, and especially in the areas of building long-term attraction! Over time he could become less attracted, and quite possibly, no longer see you as an equal.

Seriously, when a woman swings into overdrive trying to please a man, or when she becomes too accommodating, chances are likely he will no longer perceive her as a mental challenge.

Once you begin to fully understand the dynamics of men, and how that compares to how we women think.. You may quickly realize just how much men do require stimulation!

Take For example, this question from Sandra and just ONE of the responses we received!

Question: “Is there any particular reason why guys blow hot and cold with a woman they have pursued? Is it a game of cat and mouse or is the guy just a commitment phobic who can’t handle a relationship and just wants ‘fun’? Surely, this kind of behavior can’t make a man happy if he ends up pushing someone away once he feels he has ‘captured’ her, can anyone shed any light on this?” Sandra – San Francisco, CA

Response: “We love the hunt! It’s no different now than it was then except for one important point; we don’t kill our pray. We are catch and release. So, all the joy is in the hunt. I believe women love to be hunted. Having to look over your shoulder to see if we are watching, having to be ready to run away quickly. That’s all exciting!” Dallas – Olive Branch, MS

When a woman puts off a vibe of that she is completely fine with or without her man, that she doesn’t need him but chooses him, a man goes wild and his burning desire to be with her excels! Remember this about you as a woman holding your own. This is about creating ‘attraction’!

Dating, Men & Relationship Mistake #3: Trying To Be Everything You Think He Wants You To Be!

Many women make the fatal mistake of trying too hard! They become so afraid of losing the love of a man, and more often than not, they do anyway.

Why? Because all to often, a woman slowly try’s to mold herself into what she thinks her man wants, and needs her to be.. Fact is, that is not what men want, and certainly not what you want!

Not only do men not want a woman who rolls over, and molds herself into whatever she thinks he needs.. The fastest way to BORING for a man is to become a ‘whatever’ yes girl!

dating men,how to keep him interested,get a man attracted to youLadies, it started at recess, when he punched you on the arm – and you punched back.. Not much has changed sense. So much so, that is probably the reason amongst all the men I interviewed, the top turn on was a strong confident woman!

In fact, I talk about this in my book. I compare two types of women. One being a Diva (as in a strong confident woman), and the other being a nice girl. Why?

Because for most women, during the initial stages of the relationship (and afterwards), it’s as if she took on the role of Richard Simmons! ‘Sweating it out’…

The Diva isn’t sweating it out for anyone.. In fact, she doesn’t even try too! Probably the reason men love her, because she doesn’t change from who she is in the beginning, there are no unforeseen surprises later.

When it comes to love… Men think BIG! And much like Donald Trump’s book ‘Think BIG’, this also applies to the woman a man plans to spend his life with.. Not a princess, not a beauty queen.. BUT, that all in one woman who can roll with the punches.

Not only so, and in the minds of men – self dignity and self respect is a one-punch slam dunk for a woman! When a woman walks through life as if she is not on a man mission, and when she does fall in love.. When she walks through the relationship without fear, and without trying to be everything she thinks her man wants and will love.. It’s Fireworks!

What Men Want, Like & Desire In A Woman eBook Download

In fact, just thinking about it.. Out of the countless interviews, I conducted with men, upon discovering why men often ended relationships, upon discovering why many of these men fell out of love, and how easily we could avoid all the many mishaps we face with men, and had we simply just understood the minds of men! Had we simply knew all the things men wished women knew!

So much so… If you only knew, how much men enjoy love games, and how to play them. If you only knew how to attract a man, and not based on looks! If you knew how men ‘played’ women, and how to avoid getting played!

What would that mean to you?

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The How To Dating Men Guide For Women – Inside Secrets To Improve Your Relationships With Men, Ways To Get A Man Attracted To You, Ways To Keep Him Interested & Why This Advice Is Different And May Not Work For Everyone!

When I first put “What Men Want, Like & Desire In A Woman” out there for women to read, I was honestly nervous. I mean let’s face it..

Women are plain out tired of buying these types of dating and relationship books that never work! After all, there are a lot of so-called “gurus” that proclaim to being experts, and all the while pushing out a bunch of “one-size-fits-all” advice manuals on how to master the art of making a man fall in love, getting a man, catching your man, etc, etc…

Trust me when I tell you this book is not in the SAME league! In fact.. I am not here to shove relationship cd’s, and seminars down your throat.. Are you serious? NO WAY!

NONE of that BS about certificates hanging on my wall, with umpteen years of coaching experience on how to win back his love or, how to to become some man magnet! (well.. that unless my credentials of ‘walking a mile’ in your shoes counts for something)..

Besides, most of that BS is nothing more than a marketing tactic. And if there is ANYTHING I want to stay away from it’s BS..

This eBook is 216 pages long, size 10 font, with margins paper size… I have nothing to hide, nothing to take, and nothing to gain from taking your money, and selling more BS that doesn’t work!

Not only that… If you don’t find my dating advice useful, then you simply don’t. But what if you do?

In addition, I recently noticed how some guru’s create member sites, and charge monthly subscriptions for their so-called expert advice.. While I must be way behind the times, I just cannot imagine ever going there! Sure relationships with men can be hard to figure out, but paying a high monthly premium or charging a high monthly is not in my future plans!

So in all due respect, if my advice doesn’t work for you (and it’s my belief, and based on the countless responses I have received from women that it might), if for some reason you are the exception, you will not have to worry about any future charges!

But PLEASE, if you purchase this dating and relationship advice and you don’t like it, send me an email and tell me why.. All feedback is good feedback in my opinion! I want to continue writing REAL dating and relationship advice that will help women improve their relationships with men.. Why?

Truth is, most women go through their entire lives never learning how to get what they want out of a relationship! Most learn the hard way using strategies on how to keep a man interested, and most rarely work..

Again, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of how the game called love actually works. When I say game, I mean this!

This is your DATING GAME, – hence your life! Not a man mission, not a mission to become everything you think your man will love, and chances are.. Whatever you do think he wants, could possibly be wrong. Only you can be the judge of that, and the best judge is to reflect back, and reflect over your current or previous love life, and ask yourself.. Has it been what you wanted? Are you currently in a loving, two-sided relationship with a man that loves you?

The method I’m about to reveal to you is not based on theory, guesswork or the “psycho-babble”. Unlike other resources that claim to help you catch a man, get a man interested, or how you can keep a man interested, my strategy is based on real-life feedback from MEN themselves. Not to mention, my own experiences, and the countless women I interviewed.

I also spent months researching, interviewing women and MEN, and working out all the ways a woman can possibly get what she wants out of a loving relationship, and without changing, who she is. I will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to avoid so many mistakes we make with men, and in the process show you how you can also improve your dating and relationships with men.

Will this dating advice work for everybody? Of course not.. I mean let’s be REAL about that.

While my dating advice may not help everyone:

This 216 Page eBook Includes 13 Chapters On Dating, Men And Relationships With Men! I Will Show You The Responses From Men On What Attracts Men, Ways You Can Get A Man Attracted To You & Ways To Keep A Man Interested!

In addition…. Here are just a few things you can expect!

  • Not only will you actually discover what men had to say about what attracts men, the very first thing women need to know when dating men, is to understand men. This step-by-step concept of understanding men, serves to do just that..
  • We will dive into the dynamics of men, so that you understand why men chase, pursue and release! Most importantly, I will show you ways on how to handle this when it happens!
  • You will discover inside secrets from men themselves, on what actually turned a man on physically, sexually, and mentally! (You might be surprised, I was)! I will also show you how to avoid all the many things that turn a man off..
  • I will show you ways to increase the level of chemistry a man feels for you.. This applies to a new relationship, one that has grown stale, or even a relationship that has ended.
  • Inside this eBook, there are 13 Chapters. From start to finish, you will learn secrets on how to think like a man, how to handle relationships situations that occur, and on a level men relate too. Anything from meeting men, dating men, calling men, men and emotions, commitment, sex, how to get a man interested and ways to keep a man interested..
  • You will discover very specific emotional triggers that you as a woman can use, that seem so simple, and yet they drive most men wild!
  • I will show you serious mistakes women make that sometimes push men away, or prevent a man from taking the steps towards a more committed relationship!
  • In terms of sex, there are 18 pages of real dating advice, and real feedback from men on how men actually view sex. What sex means to most men, and how to avoid being a ‘casual girl’.
  • When a man takes you for granted.. This real, no BS advice will show ways on how to handle that change in behavior, and how you can possibly turn this around and without pushing a man further away.
  • I will also show you how important it is for you to walk through the relationship without fear. Fear much like ‘insecurity’ is huge in the minds of most men.

Your Secret To Dating Men, Relationships With Men & The Inside Secret Ways To Get A Man And Keep Him Interested

Remember, this is not about ‘game playing’, nor is this about you being something you are not! It’s about ‘getting what you want’, having the relationship you want, and without altering who you are in the process. It’s about you remaining true to yourself, ‘liking who you are’ from day one! It’s about avoiding all the fronts most of us often resort to when trying to KEEP HIM interested!

My Book “What Men Want And Desire In A Woman” covers all the most important concepts, ideas, and strategies for women who want to meet and attract a great man! Not only that, you actually get to see what men had to say. Remember.. I wrote this book with the help from MEN!

What are people saying about the book?

Out of the countless women who responded, Here are just a few this book has helped..

As pathetic as this must sound, I dated a guy for about two months and all was going extremely well. Actually, the relationship was going better than that, it was totally unlike anything I have ever experienced. Well, that was until he changed. Yes, I was caught off guard when out of nowhere, this man who initially was so into me, just changed. To figure out what might be happening or perhaps what I might be doing wrong, I begin searching on Google. (That is when I found your website and book). Mia, I admit, you are dead on about everything. I was going about everything the wrong way and I can now see why he backed off. I also admit I really your ‘real’ approach in the way we think, how we as women operate and how we lose ourselves was so spot on! I loved you book and I tell everyone about it. One last thing, your ‘Diva’ strategy works!! We are back together and things are better than they were before!!! Beth – Aiken, SC

Dear Mia, I wanted to write and say thank you. Not because I’ve met ‘Mr. Right’ yet but because a side effect of reading your books is I’m having more fun. In the past, going out was not comfortable because I was so worried about how I was coming across. I have to say, in my whole life, I’ve never known how to relax around new people. So, thank you for showing me how to actually enjoy meeting new people. I had no idea a book like this could change my entire way of ‘thinking’ about men. In fact, I ‘think’ I have wasted so many years and perhaps ruined many relationships by ‘doing all the wrong things’! Susan – Nashville, TN
Your eBook rocks! The advice is 100% dead-on.. From starting off the day feeling sorry for myself, seeing everything black, depressing no future, etc – I’m feeling like Sophia Loren or Angelina Jolie now. Bring ‘em on! I’m only on page 77 and you’ve brightened up my spirits, made me laugh and I’ve rung some friends to go out for drinks tonight! I’m still reading! Dana – Houston, TX
I thought I knew all about dating but after reading your eBook What Men Want And Desire In A Woman, I realized there was so much I was unaware of. It’s been hit-or-miss for four frustrating years! I was blaming it on the men. But the weird thing is, I was actually doing things that got their attention, and though it always worked, they would either change up after a very short period of time, or the relationship was completely ‘one-sided’. I suppose you put it best by saying I was ‘sweating it out’. This book is so what many women need to read! Thank you!!! Michelle – Orlando, FL
I’ve just read your new eBook, “What Men Want And Desire In A Woman” straight for the second time. I must say, your book is brilliant. And I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I wish I had this book months (or maybe years) ago. I have purchased so many relationship books in the past and quite honestly, your approach smokes everyone else. It’s so real and so right! Not only is it right, I am so much more confident around men and it feels so good. In fact, it’s working! Stacy – Peoria, IL

Lastly.. If you’re serious about avoiding all the mishaps women often face with dating, men and relationships. If you are serious about wanting to know what really attracts men, what really turns men on and what will keep a man interested, this eBook may be exactly what you need.

Inside eBook, we will cover areas such as how to improve your relationships with men by understanding MEN! We will cover areas such as communicating with men, secrets on what attracts men and how to attract men. We cover areas of calling men, how to avoid common mistakes we often make with men, and ways that will help you KEEP HIM interested, and without the dreadful mind games!

The Secrets On Dating Men, How To Get A Man Attracted & How To Keep Him Interested Long-Term!

What Men Want, Like & Desire In A Woman eBook Download

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Dating Men Advice & Free Dating Tips On Relationships With Men

The Inside Secrets From The Interviews With Men!

  • Dating Men And Understanding Men
  • The Power Of Being Confident With Men
  • How To Mentally Attract Men & Keep Him Interested
  • Why Men Lose Interest or Become Distant
  • Avoidable Mistakes Women Make That Push Men Away
  • How To Understand Men & What Goes Through His Mind
  • When He Avoids Marriage, How To Get A Man To Commit
  • How To Attract Men, What Attracts Men Long-Term
  • Calling Men – When To Call & When To Not Call A Man
  • What To Do When A Man Pulls Back
  • Ways To Avoid Being A Casual Girl & Getting Played!
  • Dating Men Secrets That Create Attraction


Disclaimer: The advice provided is based on my own personal experience, and insights were taken from the interviews of both men and women. The insights you might expect is that of how to better understand men, dating men, what men think about love and dating, and how to possibly improve your love life and your relationships with men.

I am not a doctor, psychologist, or licensed professional, and results may vary from woman to woman. Under no circumstance should this advice be misrepresented as a substitute for medical and professional help by a licensed practitioner.

Women write to me all the time about the amazing changes they’re finally experiencing as a result of my dating and relationship advice. I truly hope this advice works for you also. But remember, it all starts with you! All the best in love, and in life! Mia

If you purchase this eBook – I Hope You Are Completely Satisfied

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Wishing you the very best in life and love, Mia Dawn McKenzie

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